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Canning Street Primary School

Canning StreetPrimary School

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Attendance and Punctuality

At Canning Street, we place great importance on regular and punctual attendance.

We recognise that the Covid-19 Pandemic has led to a great deal of disruption and missed education. However, it is because of this that we intend to put even more of an emphasis on attendance. We believe that our children thrive when they are in school, and that in order to catch up on missed learning, they should be here every day, on time.

Lost learning through frequent absence is one of the greatest barriers to children's educational success. Children are expected to attend school on time every day. If your child is absent from school you must let the school office know why, either in person or by telephoning school before 9:00 am. 

If your child is absent and you do not call school, we will call you to ascertain the reason for absence, or one of our Family Support Team will come to your house.

It is equally important to be on time. Being late is stressful and embarrassing for children. Lessons begin at 8:55am, and at this time children cover vital skills such as spelling, handwriting, grammar, phonics and times tables. Repeatedly being late for this session means your child will miss out on valuable learning. Furthermore, when the class is disrupted by several latecomers, it can be very distracting for other learners. 

Holidays should not be taken during term time.  Please think carefully before planning a family holiday or an extended trip overseas during term time. Research suggests that children who are taken out of school may never catch up on work they have missed. This may affect test results and can be particularly harmful if the child is studying for exams.

By law, you must ask in advance for permission for your child to miss school, however, we are not obliged to authorise this and parents who take their child on holiday during term time may be issued with a penalty notice.

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