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How YOU can help your child to read

Teaching children read, and to love reading, is very much a partnership between school and home. 

We do not want children to see reading as boring or a chore. It is therefore important to make reading a regular part of your family routines. Below are some ideas of how you can achieve this:

Recipes: Allow your child to cook with you and read the recipes together. Reading for purpose is a great way to motivate children to read.

Visit the Library: Libraries are a fabulous and FREE resource for families. Allow your child to explore the local library. Borrow books of their choice and share them together. 

Create a Reading Space at Home: Perhaps you have some old cushions, a spare chair or blanket? These would make a great reading area in your home. Fill the area with books and allow your child time to be comfy and enjoy some quite solo reading time.

Bedtime Stories: ALL children love having a story read to them by their parent at bedtime. This is a brilliant way to share new books and old favourites. Look for questions you can ask your children to check their understanding: "Why did he do that?" "What do you think she's going to do?" "How do you think he's feeling?" 

If you want to help your child to read but are not sure how, please speak to their teacher. We LOVE supporting families in reading and any of our staff would be delighted to share some ideas.