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Canning Street Primary School

Canning StreetPrimary School

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A Fantastic Start for Nursery...

We have been very proud on how our children have settled into Nursery. Every morning we look forward to greeting them as they are all enthusiastic and eager to learn.

We have transformed our Nursery learning environment and were very excited to begin our Autumn theme with Traditional Tales. We have been reading the story of ‘Goldilocks And The Three Bears’ and are enjoying listening to the story and learning about the different characters.

The Goldilocks theme has led to the home corner environment. The children especially liked to pretend to make porridge in big, small and tiny bowls. We even have a big, small and tiny chair to roleplay the story!

One of our favourite sessions has been making porridge. In small groups we all stirred milk into the porridge oats. Then when it was cooked we tasted the porridge. Some of us liked the porridge and some of us definitely did not!

The apples on the trees in our outdoor area have been observed. We used them on the creative table to print with them with autumnal coloured paints.

We have really enjoyed our Nursery settling in and sharing our experiences with you.

The Nursery Staff Team